Valhalla will be open sourced at JAOO

From day one of the development of the Valhalla framework, we (Christoffer Skjoldborg and I) decided that Valhalla was going to be open sourced and completely free. The original idea was to release Valhalla when it was done. We’ve been asked numerous times by nice people if they can have a look and/or help out, and we’ve just kept saying:
"When it's done."

It's still not done, but we have actually decided to open source it now. You might think:
"Yeah, just what the world needs, another O/R Mapper for .NET."

Sure, there are a lot of good O/R Mapping tools out there now for .NET, but we still think Valhalla has some special and interesting features. And to be honest, the Valhalla O/R Mapping isn't all that pronounced. Valhalla’s strengths lie mainly in other things!

Hopefully we can get some interested people to jump on board and help out on fixing the last stuff for a first production quality version. If you are interested, we will be announcing where to go next week during JAOO.