Tools and skills

I've often been asked something like this:
"My crew is really good at SQL and stuff like that... and writing DALs... Why on earth should we move to OR Mapping?"

At first I didn't know what I should say... "Do what you are good at" was my spontaneous answer.
But the paradox here is that I also come from an SQL background and I still find OR Mapping a very interesting tool in many situations. So my conclusion is that I definitely don't think that using OR Mapping is a waste of SQL skills. Being skilled in SQL is a huge advantage if you want to become good at using OR Mapping. OR Mapping is a way of getting more productive, not primarily about *hiding*! (Well, I think it's primarily an enabler, but that's another topic.)

This is just one more example to add to those I mentioned in the blog post "Tools and teeth".

Oh, one more thing. A vendor once told me that any beginner would beat any old fox if they used their tool... No way! As soon as there is the slightest problem... You get the picture.