A fun week in Stockholm

Last week I spent a few days in Stockholm and I felt like writing a few words about it. It feels like things are cooking in .NET land in Sweden. Sooo much is going on. Or perhaps that goes for the whole system development arena nowadays. Anyway, here goes.
  • I gave my course (Patterns with .NET) in a packed room Monday to Wednesday and it was great fun! It occurred to me that I always have such smart, skilled and interested participants and it was just the same this time! Ah, perhaps I can deduce that smart people are attracted to my course?

  • On Wednesday evening, I talked about "Best practices for accessing data in .NET" at SweNug. Again, very skilled, smart and interested people! And I got to meet Johan Lindfors at Microsoft for the first time. He's not only smart, he is also the kind of guy who gets so much done! NO "all talk and no action" there!

  • Thursday morning I was supposed to record a session for MSDN TV, but my throat was playing up. It almost never gives me any problems, but the evening before I had a beer with Mats Helander (OK, OK, perhaps two) and it was a little smoky in the pub. I've become extremely sensitive to smoke in the last few years... Anyway, I hope I managed to do my bit well enough. We’ll see in a few weeks I guess.
    It was a fun experience and I think I learned a lot, so I hope I get a chance to do it again some time.

  • Thursday afternoon I gave a presentation about TDD at Windows Technology Forum. It was great, especially because of the interesting interaction with the audience. Again the audience was... you get the picture.

  • Finally, on Thursday evening I went along with Mats to his new employers for a members' meeting with .NetAkademin. I got the chance to listen to a great presentation by Johan Lindfors and chatted over dinner with several people from .NetAkademin such as Lena Larsson and Henry Aspenryd. Thanks a lot for your hospitality!
Yep, it was a great week! Now I'm back to normal, and I like that too of course. Time to catch up with the backlog.