What do you think about Prevayler?

Let's make a couple of assumptions and then get back to the question in the heading.
  • One of the tenets of SOA says that services should be autonomous. That leads to the assumption that each service should have its own database. The database might live at the same server as the one running service. Harry Pierson at Microsoft wrote a piece about that here.

    (Cynics say that Microsoft like to think this way because they want to sell more SQL Server licenses which means Microsoft would make a lot of money out of that. :-) I donít think that's what Harry was thinking about at all, rather it was more on a conceptual level. Letís assume further that a new licensing model for SQL Server would prove cynics wrong on this one anyway.)

    BTW, to further emphasize this assumption, see the blog posts here by Martin Fowler.

  • Assume that I was right to some extent when I said here and here, for example, that it might often be interesting to use the Domain Model pattern [Fowler PoEAA] within a service.
So, now we have the assumptions in place. Do you think it would be interesting to investigate Prevayler (or one of the ports) in the future for some of the services you are about to develop?

Clarification: I'm not against relational databases or OR Mappers. On the contrary (for example, see this post as "proof" of that)! I'm just curious to hear what you think about the "Domain Model as the database" approach for databases that aren't huge. You can reach me here.