NRUF, some comments

I gave a presentation at NRUF 2003 (Nordic Rational User Forum) in December. I spoke about applying architecture patterns.

The conference had a panel debate at the end of day one. Among other things, the panel said it was incredibly hard to find software engineers and architects in particular. The guy who said that proposed the development of a new university program in that area. Sounds sensible to me.

Another thing regarding universities was that someone else on the panel said something like "Universities are too quick to pick up new technology and market it hard and successfully, for example HTML-programming, instead of focusing on important things like software engineering." He went on by saying "For example, the students should work in large projects during their studies."

Another person said "All real projects put so much energy into testing nowadays, but not one university in Sweden has a course on verification."

After a while a man in the audience commented by saying something like "When I was studying at university a few years ago I worked on a large project on a course and I had a course on verification. I studied the software engineering program in Ronneby." Ivar Jacobson on the panel then said something like "Yes, universities without an extremely strong background in computer science will be more likely to understand the importance of software engineering."

Why am I telling you all this, you might be wondering? Well, I thought it was good to hear as I used to work part time there. Not that it was thanks to me that Ronneby (or rather BTH, as the university is called) gave those courses, but it's always nice to hear positive things about your old work place.