JAOO update

Ah, JAOO looks more interesting with each day that comes, with the presenters all lining up!
I just learned that my friend Christoffer Skjoldborg will be able to pair-present (pretty XP-ish, right?) the presentation called "Persistence lessons learned when building the Valhalla framework" with me. That will be a lot of fun! And not only that, it's good because he has put in by far the most energy into the framework so far.

BTW, a few weeks ago I was passing by Århus where JAOO is being held in late September. For a Swede, the roads are pretty nice in Denmark, for instance, there’s a highway all the way from Copenhagen to Århus. What I didn't know last time is that Denmark now has a speed limit of 130 km/h on highways if nothing else is stated. So I drove at around 110 km/h when signposted, and when the traffic signs said "end of 110" I was very surprised. A very nice road, and I'm not allowed to drive 110? I thought I had to slow down to the general speed (which is 80 in Denmark). It was just damn impossible to drive that slowly. It was pretty hilarious (at least my wife thought so) when I found out that it was 130 instead...

Take my word that I won't forget about this the next time I drive there.