JAOO 2005, follow up

I was looking for some new inspiration and I got more than I was bargaining for.

Just as I expected, it was a great week! I'm not going to write a post with a lot of name dropping, just pick out some of the many interesting people and happenings.
  • Martin Fowler asked if I wanted to join the final panel. I realized straight away that it was going to be very tough, but how could I possibly resist such a challenge?
    It's been years since I felt as much of a rookie as I did on that panel chaired by Martin. The other panelists were Frank Buschmann (you have probably read some of his POSA-books), Steve Cook from the Software Factories team as the latest merit and Dave Thomas, whose list of merits is as breath taking as his verbal abilities. So, in comparison I was like a rookie, but hey, I would do it again, and again.

  • Craig Russell (Sun) who is one of the main guys behind JDO (among other things) provided me with several interesting ideas during the week...! A lot of food for thought that I have to chew on!

  • Over the years I have been in contact with Ed Jezierski of PAG at Microsoft several times, but now I finally got the chance to meet him in real life for the first time and it was great to see how similar we think about techie stuff.

  • After my dinner with Eric Meier (lead for COmega and one of the language designers of C# 3) my brain was aching. (So were my cheeks from all the laughter.) My conclusion was that the coming few years look to be very interesting!