Dropping the I-prefix?

Ingo's refreshing blog post about dropping the I-prefix in interface names has made me pay attention to that old habit of mine. After all, the difference between an interface and an abstract class isn't that big, and perhaps the distinction will become even less clear and/or meaningful in the not too distant future, if I understand the signals correctly.

That said, I have done some inner-reflection and found out that I (i.e. me this time) get a slowdown in reading and understanding code when the I-prefix has been dropped. I know, it sounds totally ridiculous, but again, that's what happens. Although I guess it's probably something that I will get used in a few hours. Something you have used for a decade takes some time to "unlearn", right?

Or is my slowness in adopting it partly because C# doesn't differentiate between inheritance and interface-implementation? Java has a difference, so does VB.NET. Is it that the C# designers just understood the meaninglessness of the I-prefix and didn't want to create a somewhat artificial distinction?