Interesting times

I have been lucky enough to have as much work as I can handle over the last few dark years. Now it seems as if these years have come to an end. Last week, I had a bizarre Wednesday. Before lunch I received three completely new, unrelated prospects, and one old one that was brought back to life again. Then, in the afternoon there was yet another new prospect. This might not sound much to you, but it hasn't happened to me before and I have been running my company for twelve years now.

What? You don't think this counts as evidence for good times to come? OK, OK, it's a coincidence, of course, but a nice one.
My guess is that it will be hotter than ever this time. Perhaps not 'crazy-hot' like last time, but 'different-hot'.

Oh, and at the same time, universities are still reporting (at least in Sweden) that they are no longer getting any students for the software development programs. Yesterday the local newspaper said that the number of students has decreased by 50% in Sweden this year, and this is from an already extremely low number...