Don, Ted and Tim

It's been a couple of weeks since I listened to this .NET Rocks episode with Don Box, Ted Neward and Mark Pollack. Anyway, I'd like to write a few comments.

As I recall, among other things Don said something along the lines of "OO is done". Well, I agree that OO is more mature now than it was a few years ago, but I still think there are loads of things that haven't been settled... and loads of developers still haven't even begun the journey at all. When I listen to Don these days, I sometimes get the feeling that the only abstraction anyone will ever need again is "message". Don, was that provocative enough?

Anyway, in my opinion SOA is definitely interesting *too* and I hope to learn a lot at the Indigo day at VSLive in San Francisco in February.

In the same .NET Rocks episode, Ted Neward was pretty critical to OR Mapping, but in the end said that mappers work for x% of the situations, and that's perfectly in line with my viewpoint too! I mean, every tool can be terribly misused.

Tim Ewald wasn't on that .NET Rocks episode, but he said something very interesting here. One of the things he said about objects being a good implementation technique for services was "In general, you want an internal object model that you use to implement your core logic."

Tim hasn't become famous for being pro-Domain Model so I thought this was an interesting comment.