Course update, again

I'll be giving my course with LinSoft again in early November, this time in Stockholm. The course is now called "Patterns with .NET" and you find the "formal" information here (in Swedish only).

I've decided on a couple of pretty large changes:
  • I have made the course shorter so there won't be any scheduled evening hours. Because of this I have cut out a couple of less important pieces and expect to improve the quality during the scheduled hours instead. There will be optional tasks for those who have nothing to do in the evenings!
  • There will be more of a focus on Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Refactoring. We will still of course discuss the basics of some patterns one by one, but the driving force of the course will be about applying DDD and then to add infrastructural support. In this way the patterns will be seen in their context. It will also make it pretty natural to have interesting exercises.
  • I will use some free and easily available technology as the enabling infrastructure for DDD. The one we will focus on will be NHibernate, not necessarily because it is best, but because I think it fits in well in a general course.
"Unfortunately" there aren't any available seats on the course. HOWEVER, since there has been a lot of interest, we have added an extra course in early December, also in Stockholm. As I write this, there are still places available for this one.