Weird and sad

The other day I talked to the guy who used to be responsible for the Software Engineering (SE) program at BTH in Ronneby, Sweden. He said that almost nobody's applying for the program any longer, which really shocked me. Only a few years ago it was hugely popular, and now that the IT economy is coming back so strongly, I was so sure the program was popular that I hadn't given it a second thought.

I think it's something of a paradox since I believe that the industry is screaming out for engineering in software development (not as the silver bullet and the only thing necessary, but as one particular thing there is a lack of.) Here are a few blog posts from off the top of my head: Local representatives from Symbian were on the local TV news the other day, expressing great concerns that there are so few interested in studying software development of any kind, and software engineering in particular. Perhaps this is what is needed - companies explaining loudly and clearly what training and qualificiations they consider to be important for the future.

Talking about BTH, nowadays they are heavily into SE research, but that doesnít seem to help this problem at all.

I think the job situation for software engineers is pretty good right now and if I'm right then it wonít be very long until they are very hot!

I was hoping BTH could be persuaded to give a modified version of the SE program as a program for software architects, but I guess that wonít happen now. (Just to make it clear, I donít think it is possible to become a software architect through study alone, but I think itís possible to create a program that gives a very good foundation.)

I just don't get it. Why arenít loads of students applying for a program like that? Is it a global trend or a local thing?