ADDDP, Current TOC

It's time to finish my latest book project ("Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns" [ADDDP]). I and the guest authors are currently going through the manuscript so I can send it for production in a few weeks. I will post some more about how the final work progresses here, but I wanted to give you a sense of what the book is about by publishing the current Table of Contents (TOC) now. (Please note that there will be slight changes to the TOC over the coming few weeks.)

Applying DDD and Patterns - Current TOC

by Jimmy Nilsson, all rights reserved.


Part I Background
Chapter 1 Values to Value
Chapter 2 A Head Start on Patterns
Chapter 3 TDD and Refactoring

Part II Applying DDD
Chapter 4 A New Default Architecture
Chapter 5 Moving Further with DDD
Chapter 6 Preparing for Infrastructure
Chapter 7 Let the Rules Rule

Part III Applying PoEAA (giving infrastructure to DDD)
Chapter 8 Infrastructure for Persistence
Chapter 9 Putting NHibernate into Action

Part IV What's Next?
Chapter 10 Design Techniques to Embrace?
Chapter 11 Some about the UI

Appendix A Other DM styles