Applying Domain-Driven Design and Patterns [ADDDP]

by Jimmy Nilsson (



Welcome to the support site for ADDDP! I知 afraid I知 a bit late with the site, but I値l add the promised material here the coming few days.


I知 not planning to host more here than what I promised in the book. For more material, I知 going to refer you to that Eric Evans so extremely nicely has asked if I壇 like to 都hare with him. You should also read and participate in the forum for DDD.


But some material will only be kept here, and that is material closely related to the book. Here goes


Comments and Errata (within short)

Clickable Appendix B Catalog of Discussed Patterns (within short)

Clickable References (within short)

MVC code example


If you壇 like to reach me, please use this form or send email to Jimmy dot Nilsson at jnsk dot se.



I really really hope you like at least some of the book!


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